Lino and LibreOffice

When at least one Lino site of a server uses lino_xl.lib.appypod, then the server must have a LibreOffice service running so that the users of your site can print documents.

You say this using the getlino configure --appy option.

For background information see Running a LibreOffice server.

Setting appy_params

If you have Python 3 installed under /usr/bin/python3, then you don't need to read this section. Otherwise you must set your appy_params to point to your python3 executable, e.g. by specifying in your


This is because Lino runs under Python 2 while python-uno needs Python 3. To resolve that conflict, appy.pod has this configuration option which causes it to run its UNO call in a subprocess with Python 3.

If you don't want to do this again and again for every Lino site on your machine, then you should put this to your file.