The local configuration directory

The local configuration directory is a directory on a Lino site that contains template files used by Lino when printing invoices, contracts or any document.


The local configuration directory is always named config and is always a subdirectory of the cache_dir. Lino does not create this directory automatically. If you want to use local templates, the site maintainer must create that directory and make sure that the Lino web server process has write permission to it.

Typical workflow

Here is a typical workflow for a local template optimization.

  • Some user wants some change in a printed output.

  • The template manager needs to know a database object that serves as example.

  • Figure out how to clear the cache and rebuild the printable document without creating useless database content such as new excerpts.

  • Find out which file is being used as template. Look at the lino.log if you have no idea where to start.

  • Create a backup copy of the template file.

  • Make some change, save the template file, rebuild the printable.

  • When you are satisfied, remove the backup file.