Defines explicit code names for URL parameters

(This module's source code is available here.)




lino.core.constants.URL_PARAM_PARAM_VALUES = 'pv'

Array of values of table parameters.

lino.core.constants.URL_PARAM_FIELD_VALUES = 'fv'

Array of values of action parameters.

lino.core.constants.URL_PARAM_MASTER_TYPE = 'mt'

The content type of the master instance.

lino.core.constants.URL_PARAM_MASTER_PK = 'mk'

The primary key of the master instance.

lino.core.constants.URL_PARAM_USER_LANGUAGE = 'ul'

override user language

lino.core.constants.URL_PARAM_SUBST_USER = 'su'

substitute user

lino.core.constants.URL_PARAM_LINO_VERSION = 'lv'

Version number of linoweb.js for version clash checking

lino.core.constants.URL_PARAM_DEVICE_TYPE = 'dt'

Connected device type (used by Openui5)

lino.core.constants.URL_PARAM_KNOWN_VALUES = 'kv'

known values

lino.core.constants.URL_PARAM_TAB = 'tab'

The number of the active tab panel.

lino.core.constants.ICON_NAMES = ['arrow_join', 'arrow_up', 'arrow_down', 'delete', 'add', 'book_link', 'eye', 'basket', 'emoticon_smile', 'pencil', 'cross', 'money', 'application_form', 'application_view_list', 'application_view_detail', 'disk', 'hourglass', 'date_add', 'email_add', 'email_go', 'script', 'script_add', 'bell', 'calendar', 'printer', 'lightning', 'printer_delete', 'arrow_divide', 'page_white_acrobat', 'page_excel', 'html', 'vcard', 'vcard_add', 'wrench', 'transmit', 'accept', 'database_gear', 'cancel', 'flag_green', 'date_next']

A list of all names allowed as lino.core.actions.Action.icon_name.