Adds functionality for importing BankToCustomer SEPA statements from a bank. See b2c: BankToCustomer SEPA.


Class to parse camt files.


Febelfin Bank Transaction Code designations.


Import a fictive B2C XML file.

(This module's source code is available here.)


Plugin(site, app_label, app_name, ...)

See lino.core.plugin.Plugin.

class lino_xl.lib.b2c.Plugin(site, app_label, app_name, app_module, needed_by)

Bases: lino.core.plugin.Plugin

See lino.core.plugin.Plugin.

import_statements_path = None

A path wildcard pointing to xml files which need to get imported.

As a system admin you can set this e.g. by specifying in your (before instantiating your SITE):

ad.configure_plugin('b2c', import_statements_path="/var/sepa_incoming")

End-users are supposed to download SEPA statement files to that directory and then to invoke the lino_xl.lib.b2c.models.ImportStatements action.

delete_imported_xml_files = False

This attribute define whether, Cosi have to delete the SEPA file after it get imported.