This is the 2020 change log for The lino-book package. General information about how to read and maintain this document in Documenting changes.


Released to PyPI : lino 20.1.0 and xl 20.1.3

Don't use get_head_lines for notify (Lino 26c8a9c11)


Released lino-book 20.1.1 to make it installable via pip.

Changed the designation "Uploads" to "Upload files".


New plugin lino.modlib.publisher.

Changes in lino.modlib.notify.


Changes in lino_xl.lib.ledger and lino_xl.lib.vat. Fix booking direction of returnable VAT.

Done #3459 (Move calendar view from "cal" to a separate plugin lino_xl.lib.calview). One consequence for data migration: DailyPlannerRow has moved from cal to calview


The ShowInsert action now has a more specific help text.

lino_xl.lib.ledger.JournalsOverview has now display_mode "summary".

Released Lino Extensions Library 20.1.2.

More bugfixes in lino_xl.lib.eevat and lino_xl.lib.vat.


Released Lino Care 20.1.0 and The lino-book package 20.1.0 just to get the Travis CI builds green. Released Lino Extensions Library 20.1.1 for Lino Così.

More bugfixes in lino_xl.lib.eevat : Sales invoices to lino_xl.lib.eevat.VatRegimes.outside weren't handled correctly.


Released to PyPI : lino-react 20.1.0, lino-amici 20.1.0, XL 20.1.0