This is the 2021 change log for The lino_book package. General information about how to read and maintain this document in Documenting changes.


Continued on #1162 (A CMS using Lino). The lino_book.projects.cms project now has some improvement. But it is not finished. Internal changes: lino.core.dashboard.DashboardItem.render() now yields html chunks instead of etree elements. show_dashboard() and show_menu() are now defined in lino.api.doctest, no longer as methods of a request.

The function lino.api.doctest.rst2menu() is now used in The main window.


Fix #3921 (Journal entry mixes up debit and credit when creating the movements). Fix #3924 (auto_compute_amount does not always work as expected).

Release to PyPI: XL 21.1.6.


Release to PyPI: Lino 21.1.1.

Optimizations: #3919 (No suggestions on clearable general account) FinancialVoucherItem.account_changed() didn't collect suggestions after entering a clearable account. #3920 (Lino registers the voucher even when exception happens).

Release to PyPI: Lino 21.1.2 and XL 21.1.5.


Release to PyPI: Lino Extensions Library 21.1.3.

Fix some bugs in lino_xl.lib.finan : The choicelist for FinancialVoucherItem.match didn't respect the suggest_future_vouchers settings and therefore always showed all matches, including those that happen in the future and won't get satisfied. Visible result: you select one of these matches, but Lino then sets the field to blank. After selecting a partner, Lino didn't suggest anything (because amount was 0.00, not None). FillSuggestionsToVoucherItem caused an additional item to be created.

Release to PyPI: Lino Extensions Library 21.1.4 and Lino 21.1.0

Fix #3917 (Lino forgets the journal after saving a bank statement).


Miscellaneous minor optimizations for entering bank statements. finan.DatedFinancialVoucherItem now also fills the date field from last_item_date. Trying to fix surprizing behaviour after FillSuggestionsToVoucherItem. Ledger movements in ledger.MovementsByVoucher are now ordered by seqno, i.e. by their "natural" order of creation.

Fix a typo bug in lino_xl.lib.cal that caused Lino to no show anything in cal.EntriesByGuest although the person was present in some calendar entry.


Add new item vatless to lino_xl.lib.vat.VatClasses.

Fix #3909. After editing the entry_date of the last voucher of the journal we don't want its number to increase.


Fix #3906 (active_fields are disturbing for city and zip_code). In lino_xl.lib.countries.CountryCity the fields city and zip_code are no longer active_fields.

Fix #3905 (Purchase invoice from private person suggests VAT). This was a bug in lino_xl.lib.eevat and lino_xl.lib.bevat.

Fix #3907 (Cannot enter into "Expense" column of bank statement)

Release to PyPI: Lino Extensions Library (2 versions)


Optimized column layout of lino_xl.lib.sales.InvoicesByJournal.

Release to PyPI: Lino Extensions Library.