Lino is not easy to learnΒΆ

Lino is a tool for experienced professional Python developers. It does not even try to be easy to learn. This is a design choice. There are other frameworks who can deliver quick visible results.

Note that we don't speak about using Lino applications. Using a Lino application is easy and intuitive. Or at least it should be (this depends on the competence of the developers and their communication with the users).

Note also that we don't speak about writing a Lino applications (which is actually easy once you learned it). We just speak about learning to write new Lino applications.

Lino is a big beast to tackle because it has (comparend to plain Django or similar frameworks) rather high-level UI concepts: tables, forms, slave tables, menus, actions, virtual fields...

For a stakeholder this means that you need an experienced Python developer for creating new Lino applications.

For a developer this means that it may take a day or two before you fall in love with Lino. Lino requires you to think in Python. But we hope that your love will last longer.