Manuals for end-users¶

The Lino team maintains a series of user manuals targeted at non-programmers:

Every pilot customer with a customized Lino application get their user manual in the language agreed with the customer. The quality and coverage of user manuals is as good as the customer demands and agrees to pay for.

The source code for these manuals is in a separate repository manuals. Each user manual is a doctree on its own in this repository.

The manuals doctrees are not in the same repository as the source code they talk about because we want to reduce the size of code repositories. The production sites of our pilot customers usually work with a git clone of the source repository, and if these would contain its docs as well, we would waste quite some disk space.

The manuals doctrees are gathered into one repository (and not maintained in one independant repository per application) because they use common resources like the /shared/include/defs.rst include file.

The manuals doctrees are not part of the Lino Book repository because that repository is already big enough without end-user docs.