Patches for DjangoΒΆ

Files in /patches:

20091107.diff :

This patch is not necessary to run Lino, but I find it useful when developing Django applications. My suggestion for fixing Django ticket #11696 (validate command in 1.1 hides errors in models that used to be shown) In Django revision 12394 this wasn't yet included.

/patches/extjs_checkboxes.diff :

Not necessary to run Lino. See 2011-02-25

How to install these patches:

  • We suppose you have followind the instructions in Setting up a Lino production server.

  • Execute the following:

    $ cd /path/to/django
    $ patch -p0 < /var/snapshots/lino/patches/20091107.diff

How to uninstall these patches:

$ cd /var/snapshots/django $ svn revert . -R