Configuration files


Multiple database engines on a same server

Note that getlino startsite does not install any db engine because this is done by getlino configure.

When you maintain a Lino server, you don't want to decide for each new site which database engine to use. You decide this once during getlino configure. In general, apt-get install is called only during getlino configure, never during getlino startsite. If you have a server with some mysql sites and exceptionally want to install a site with postgres, you simply call getlino configure before calling getlino startsite.

You may use multiple database engines on a same server by running configure between startsite invocations.

The startsite template

No longer used: the cookiecutter-startsite project contains a cookiecutter template used by getlino startsite.

Shared virtual environments

You can run multiple sites on a same virtualenv. That virtualenv is then called a shared environment.

If you update a shared virtualenv (by activating it and running pull.sh of some pip command), the change will affect all sites and you must take special care for migrating their data if needed.

In a developer environment and a contributor environment you usually have a single shared env used by all your sites. On a production server you usually have no shared-env at all (each production site has its own env). On a demo server you usually hav several shared envs:

  • /usr/local/lino/sharedenvs/master

  • /usr/local/lino/sharedenvs/stable

You can specify a default shared environment with getlino configure --shared-env getlino startsite --shared-env.

Note that getlino configure --clone) will install all known framework repositories into the default shared env.

getlino startsite does not install any Python packages when a shared env is used.