The Lino community welcomes both experienced and new Python developers. We differentiate three profiles of readers.

  • As an application developer you want to use Lino for writing your own Lino application. You should read the Developer Guide. You write pure Python code, you don't hassle with Javascript or CSS. Your main focus is the business logic of your customer.

    You are welcome to contribute to the Lino community by reporting about your successes and failures, and suggesting changes and new features, regardless of whether you publish your own work as free or proprietary software.

  • As a contributing developer you want to help us to make Lino better by submitting pull requests. You should also read the Developer Guide because these are your "customers", but you need to know more than this. You might find yourself writing the Python code that generates the React and Javascript code that makes up a Lino front end. This is covered by the Contributor Guide.

  • As a site administrator you want to run some existing Lino application in a reliable way on a production server. This is documented in the Hoster Guide.

This guide should be interesting and understandable for any motivated Python developer with at least basic knowledge. But please let us know whenever you stumble over a section that does not satisfy this noble goal. We count on you as a reader to help us. The mere fact of asking for help and giving feedback is already a contribution to making this guide better.

Ways to contact us: